Grace's Coffee and Brunch Suggestions(to make up for not being at CXC)

(in no particular order)

  • Kittie's Cakes (German Village): My all-time favorite coffee shop. It was founded by a married lesbian couple that used to be professional golfers together, so that's adorable. They serve Stumptown Coffee and a variety of delicious pastries, including a cinnamon roll that was voted best in Columbus (though I prefer their cinnamon scone, tbh). If you go on Sunday, you can eat a life-changingly good egg sandwich, and if you're lucky, you might get to meet their golden retriever Linus #coffeeshopdog. They also have a location in Bexley, a nearby suburb, that has a slightly bigger menu and is connected to an independent bookstore!
  • Northstar (Short North): I love Northstar. It is perfect in many, many ways. They have unlimited refills on very delicious coffee, but I also highly recommend getting a mint iced coffee; it is my raison d'etre. Everything on their menu is delicious; I usually go for the sweet potato and turkey hash for brunch, but make sure you order a biscuit (with preserves) no matter what. If you go for lunch or dinner, their Thai burrito is a sure thing. This one is also great because it has a lot of vegetarian options and has great outdoor seating.
  • Mission Coffee Co. (Short North): Tragically hip but very good. They take coffee seriously, but unlike some other shops in the area, the staff is genuinely friendly. They brew their own house blends, and they are very strong, so watch out. I would also recommend their iced chai. I can't really recommend their pastries, which are outsourced to a local bakery that I don't particularly like, but if you want a good coffee experience (or want to get some work done), Mission is a great bet.
  • Fox in the Snow (Italian Village): Another tragically hip coffee shop, pretty comparable to Mission in a ton of ways, but this one has amazing pastries, more seating, and no wifi. Ask them for a pour-over, don't let them give you a drip if you can help it. They also serve a New Orleans-style coffee, which: hell yeah. If you decide to go there for brunch, get there early because the line gets out of control. Also their branding is so cute, I love those little fox pins.
  • Katalina's (Victorian Village, technically?): This one is a little bit off the beaten track, but it's worth it, I promise. They call themselves "Latin-leaning and Southern slanted," so make of that what you will, but their entire menu is pretty hard to beat. They have spicy bacon! I mean, come on! It's delicious. The pancake balls (which is actually a Danish thing called "Æbleskivers," so neither Latin nor Southern[?]) make a great shared dish in my experience, though I wouldn't blame you if you just ordered them for yourself. Be warned: Almost all of their seating is outside, and it fills up quickly, so the earlier you get there for brunch, the better.
  • Philco (Short North): I usually go here for dinner, but only because their breakfast is served all day. It's a cute little diner-style situation with a pretty unique menu (like Nutella grilled cheese but also options that aren't that decadent, don't worry). I recommend the fried egg tacos with scrambled eggs and also whatever kind of pie they have that day. Also, this place is pretty cheap!
  • Laughlin's Bakery (Short North): This place is more of a straight-up bakery than a coffee shop, but holy crap, is it good. It's stylized like a French patisserie, everything is made from scratch, and you can get fresh lemon madeleine for A DOLLAR. I'm a big fan of the almond citrus pound cake, but honestly, you can't go wrong.
  • Union (Short North): A gay bar with an all-you-can-eat brunch buffet every Sunday morning. I mean. Need I say more.
  • One Line Coffee (Downtown or Short North): This one is a lot of people's fave, but I find it a little too pretentious, generally, although I haven't been to their downtown location, so maybe the vibe is different there. Their coffee is great, though, and since I imagine a lot of you are staying downtown, this is a good easily walkable choice. My girlfriend often describes this as "a good place to take people when you want to intimidate them."
  • Bake Me Happy (Clintonville): Everything is completely gluten-free, and it's owned by an interracial lesbian couple, AND the food is amazing. It's a slam dunk all around. I would've put it higher on the list, but it's a bit of a trek from downtown. It's really good, though.
  • Pistacia Vera (German Village): I've never been there so I can't personally vouch for it, but everyone seems to lose their shit over it, so maybe check that out?